10 Top Moving Tips To Bear In Mind

There are really many expenses while relocating that are unavoidable. Thus there are also so many tips and tricks you should know to make the move easy, stress-free and cheaper. Just have a written plan, compare prices and know all your moving options and expenses. These handy tips will help you not to lose your mind in this maddening process.

Have a master plan

First of all, have a written-down moving guide. Include lists of things that you have to do –  what to take, what to let go and when it all should be done. Know what you can live without and what you need to take by all means. Ask yourself when you should officially be out. What you need to clean. What repairs and updates you need to do. Make sure to take your time and rethink all the packages. No matter how many times you have moved, having a plan and all the lists written down will help you save money and energy. You really need to know beforehand where you’re getting supplies, people, who are ready to help when needed and vehicles.


When it comes to home selling and moving tips, de-cluttering is one of major tips you will find in any related article. Clean out your closets and cabinets. You’d better do this before listing your home on the market. First, this will save you time when moving and second, you’ll have a chance to show a better home to your potential buyers. Pack away all the unnecessary things. Don’t be greedy. Do not take what you can live without.

Sell, give away or throw away

Now, when you know what to take and what let go, you might want to give away or sell some items. Throw away what isn’t worth a pick. Arrange a yard sale and sell items that are in good condition. Don’t forget to leave some valuable items to your home buyer. They will be happy to get useful presents. Call your friends and see if they need anything. Depending how far and where exactly you’re moving the stuff you’ll need in the new place may be different. So, consider what you love, what you want and will need to use in your new home.

Keep the boxes light

Be sure to buy enough packing tape before you start. Use empty boxes you have at home. Or you may find some unnecessary boxes in the market in front of your home, in the pharmacies or just ask friends. So you’ll save money and reuse boxes. When the stuff is ready, try not to over pack boxes. When putting items into boxes, periodically check how comfortable you are with lifting them. If there’s any doubt about moving something, just get help. Professional movers advise keeping boxes under 50 pounds.


Make the move safe for yourself and the items. Don’t pack breakables with sharp and jagged items. When packing fragile items, you may use clothes to wrap them. Bear in mind that one main focus is on safety. This might be obvious, but keep pets and little kids away when moving, so that they are not underfoot. Pull back long hair and trim long fingernails to avoid painful nail breaks. Keep your eyes open and your head up!

Pack each room at once

Time it to bring some fun into this hard and unpleasant process. Pack each room at a time and see how long it will take you. Ask your family members for help. Anyone knows his/her room better and what is where, what to take and what to throw. So, when it comes to kids’ room or family room, you’d better get it done with the “owners” of the rooms.

Keep traffic areas clear

Moving large and small boxes up and downstairs and through rooms, make sure to keep traffic areas clear.  Don’t let it become overcrowded. When boxes are ready, move them to the center of the room. Keep doorways unobstructed.

Label the boxes

Labeling the boxes is another very valuable tip to make the move easier. Know what is inside, as well as the destination room of each box. Write down on the boxes, as you won’t remember after all. Any box may fall by the wayside during a busy move and labeling will help you get solved with unexpected problems. Besides, it’s better to write on all four sides of the box, as you don’t know what is on one side of boxes when they are stacked to each other.

Hire professional movers

After all, if you have too many things to move and don’t have enough time, you may hire professional movers. They are fast, they don’t break that many items and they have all necessary tools with them.  Especially, if your move is big and your budget is a bit flexible, employing professionals really makes sense.


Now when you’re all done with packing and cleaning, you’re ready to move out. Go through all shelves with a damp cloth to make sure you haven’t left any precious items there. Besides, it will also look clean and tidy. If there are appliances left at home, make sure to turn them off. Still, you should not turn off the fridge, if it’s staying. Just set on the lowest temperature and close the door. Close all windows, doors and drapes. Lock the front door, the side door and leave the garage door open for new homeowners.

And now you are off to your new home!

By: Hermine Aslanyan

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