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Value Proposition/Investors

Currently we’re working on a proposal that gives project details, rates of return and basic information regarding the structure of the investment. Those interested after a review of the proposal will then spend a few minutes on the phone with us to get additional details and have their questions answered.


Step 1 Solutions focuses in development of software for the residential (, rental (TBD), commercial (TBD) and business real estate (TBD).

Our Charter:

  • Develop products and services capable dramatically changing buyer-seller relationship, and create new jobs in the real estate marketplace
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve property owners access to green products
  • Add our share of effort to make real estate transaction completely paperless
  • Conduct business with our partners/investors in a way that is open, collaborative, based on trust and equitable

At Step 1 Solutions, we seek out opportunities to partner with superior management teams and established businesses to help us raise expansion or growth capital.

We’d like to partner with active investors, leveraging our expertise and network, our experience in building great businesses. We’ll work alongside with our investors on software development, marketing and sales.

Those interested after a review of the information posted in this website welcome to contact us for additional information.