Luxury Home Staging Tips

Selling a luxury home involves more than just slapping a sale sign on or posting to an Internet real estate portal.  Whether you plan on selling your luxury home yourself or using an expert realtor, there is a right way to go about getting your luxury home sold. Staging is not decorating. In fact, it is just the opposite. Decorating is about personalizing. If your home looks like a shrine to you and your family, a buyer will have trouble seeing themselves and their family living there. When a home is neutralized through staging, it makes a buyer feel welcome and comfortable. The home becomes a blank canvas, and they can easily envision themselves fitting in there. When a seller is able to make a buyer feel welcome and comfortable, they have successfully turned their home into a product and can expect top dollar. Follow the staging tips which will help attract the right buyer and secure a successful sale.

Tip #1 – Work With Professionals

Consider having a professional home stager, who will walk through your home to offer suggestions on how to present your home best; it is also a big benefit for home sale marketing purposes. While you may have had a home decorator guide you on setting up your home for your tastes and desires, having someone come in and provide an opinion on what works best for your typical buyer can help buyers fall in love with your place when they do come to see it. Professional home stagers know about the latest and greatest paint colors to use, styles and furnishing that enhance rooms, and know about placement of furniture to give the maximum feeling of spaciousness or coziness.

Tip #2 – Make Luxury Meet Livability

There is a delicate balance between elegance and comfort when staging a luxury home. Yes, you want the potential buyer to be immediately inspired by what they see, but you also want them to see a space that is livable, functional, and comfortable. The goal of home staging is to help potential buyers imagine themselves living there, so a fine balance is crucial.

Tip #3 – Display Original Artwork

Displaying original artwork in the home makes it looks more sophisticated and appeals to the more cultured taste of high-end buyers. When selecting art for your home, while it needs to match the décor and look right in the home, it is very much a personal choice and reflects your personal taste. Choosing art for home staging is different. You are choosing art not for yourself, but to suit your buyer.  As you don’t know who that buyer is and what their tastes may be, the art in display needs to appeal to a wide audience. If you don’t want to buy, you can consider renting original artwork directly from the artists, who will usually be glad to showcase their artworks in your luxury home for sale, as it is a chance for them to gain more exposure during your home showings.

Tip #4- Incorporate a touch of culture

It is important for the home to have a connection to higher culture. Add more class and elegance to your home with some cultural and artistic pieces. You can place a baby grand piano in the living room or a violin or saxophone displayed on the table or shelf. Other items to consider displaying to add culture to your home are rare books or a telescope.

Tip #5 – Coffee Table Displays

In luxury homes the coffee table is more than a place to put your feet while watching, it is a decorative piece in the home that should add style and sophistication to a space. Remember that pretty much anything can serve as a coffee table, it should just be the same height as the seat of your sofa, and slightly smaller than the width of your sofa. When creating a display, a great tip is to divide the surface of your coffee table into three parts. Try adding something with height in one area, something with texture in another and something that ties in the color of the rest of the home in another quadrant. This will balance the coffee table and give it visual interest.

Tip #6 – Don’t Forget To Stage The Garage

When you de-clutter the inside of your home, don’t just move all your stuff to the garage. You also need to make sure that the garage is in top condition. Luxury homebuyers usually have luxury cars, so your garage needs to be a place where they want to keep those cars. Make your garage clean and spotless and don’t leave anything on the floor. Ensure there is enough storage space and replace old cabinets and shelves with more contemporary ones, if needed.

Purchasing a luxury home is more than purchasing property; luxury home buyers are seeking a certain lifestyle. Luxury homes for sale that are staged properly attract more high-end buyers than luxury homes left as is. To devote time and money on staging a luxury home is a good investment, since it will give you higher returns once you sell your luxury home.


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